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If you have acute or chronic back pain, our Dr. Tom Rexroth of the Rexroth Chiropractic Center, serving West Burlington, IA, and the nearby region, may be able to help. One of the main treatment regimens that benefit many of our back pain patients is spine adjustments. They also serve other purposes, like headache relief. 

General Information About Spine Adjustments

A chiropractic alignment, also known as a spine alignment or spinal adjustment, is a treatment that consists of our practitioner using his hands or a device to mobilize the spinal joints. As a result, you receive the benefit of an improvement in spinal movement, function, and even a decrease in pain. This treatment optimizes nerve function as well. Often, multiple adjustments are administered over the course of more than one day.

Conditions We Treat With Spinal Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are highly versatile treatments that can be used for both chronic and acute problems. While we primarily use adjustments for back pain relief and healing, they can also be used for neck issues as well as headaches and migraines. 

If you sustain an injury to a disc that causes herniation, we can help. Spinal alignments can also be useful if you have a degenerated disc, which occurs from the aging process. 

For our patients who have headaches or migraines and want a natural treatment approach, we can perform spinal adjustments that ease pressure on the soft tissue in your neck, shoulders, and upper half of your body in general. As a result, you'll have less irritation that can contribute to headaches. Additionally, spinal adjustments can enhance circulation and help ease headaches or migraines associated with a nutrient deficiency. Not to mention, this treatment helps to restore nervous system function. 


When patients come to our West Burlington, IA, practice, we'll ask you questions about your medical history and determine if this treatment is safe for you. If you have a condition that could interfere with the safety of spine adjustments, we can find another treatment approach or alter this one to ensure your safety. 

As a general rule, though, spinal adjustments are safe for most people and any side effects are usually mild and temporary.

At Rexroth Chiropractic Center, serving West Burlington, IA, and the surrounding region, our practitioner offers spine adjustments to patients who could benefit from better nerve function, pain relief, and improved circulation, among other benefits. It's safe to use with other treatments and can reduce your pain and promote healing with acute problems. 

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