Cold Laser Therapy

Dr. Tom Rexroth and Dr. Joel Rexroth at the Rexroth Chiropractic Center offer chiropractic care, including pain killing laser treatments for the West Burlington, IA community. Our mission is to provide non-invasive treatments and techniques to work as our partner in your overall health care program.

What Are Pain Killing Laser Treatments?

Pain killing laser treatments are not as futuristic as they sound. Cold laser therapy, also referred to as low level laser therapy (LLLT), is a treatment that promotes accelerated healing at a cellular level for musculoskeletal conditions.

A single wavelength of light is emitted by a handheld device, which is about the size of a flashlight, when it is held to the affected area receiving treatment. This wavelength of light generates no heat, sound, or vibration. It is non-invasive and not painful. The medical applications of this treatment are:

  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Pain relief
  • Acceleration of tissue repair

Pain Killing Laser Treatments for Chiropractic Conditions

The foundation of chiropractic care is activating the body's immune and healing systems through non-invasive, natural, and integrative treatments. This care is focused on the spine and musculoskeletal system. Drs. Rexroth at the Rexroth Chiropractic Center, serving West Burlington, IA, use non-invasive techniques like pain killing laser treatments for chiropractic conditions such as:

  • Acute, subacute, and chronic pain
  • Sprains and strains
  • Soft tissue injuries and wound repair
  • Pain relief from tendonitis and arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Other common chiropractic conditions

Benefits of Pain Killing Laser Treatments

The main benefit of pain killing laser treatments is in the name. It reduces and relieves pain and inflammation. Pain relief is an integral part of improved quality of life, as pain can be mildly irritating or affect your life in such a way that you struggle daily with your range of motion and mental health. Another benefit of these laser treatments is that they begin to work immediately, and some patients report relief from the first treatment.

Cold laser therapy can reduce your need for further invasive treatments and pain medications that leave you feeling drowsy and fuzzy. Additionally, this therapy is painless and doesn't take long to administer. It functions well as part of an integrative and individualized treatment plan based on your unique chiropractic needs.

For sports and other injuries, it helps speed up the healing process by reducing inflammation and promoting tissue regeneration.

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If you are a West Burlington, IA resident needing pain killing laser treatments, look no further than the Drs. Rexroth at the Rexroth Chiropractic Center, where we are committed to every patient's health and wellness. Contact us today on 319-752-4845.

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