Nutritional Counseling

Our bodies are complex machines. Just as machines require certain fuels to get the best performance, our bodies need the appropriate nutrition. Dr. Tom Rexroth and Dr. Joel Rexroth at the Rexroth Chiropractic Center offer nutritional counseling to improve the health of the West Burlington, IA, community.

A Sum Of Our Habits

Our bodies tend to show others the way we treat ourselves. If we eat healthy foods and exercise, it shows. If we eat junk food and avoid exercise, it shows. Our bodies also come to expect routine, even if the routine has a negative impact. 

How Nutritional Counseling Can Help

Just as with breaking any other bad habit, it is important to understand how the habit formed. This applies to our eating habits. Nutritional counseling helps us understand why it is that we have developed certain tastes and cravings, as well as how to adjust and correct these.

Eating right gets a bad reputation. Meanwhile, failing to do so is one of the top reasons most Americans face many health issues. A lot of it stems from habit. People get accustomed to going for quick, known unhealthy foods while not knowing how to find better alternatives. 

There are several wonderful fruits, vegetables, and sources of protein that taste great when prepared in different ways. Fast food, eating out, and ordering out are more ways people forego making healthy choices. This is not always because the restaurant food is unhealthy, but because of only choosing unhealthy foods from the menu. Eating someone else’s food can still be healthy, quick, and fun if you know how to make the best choices.

If you are curious about whether or not nutritional counseling can benefit you, call 319-752-4845 to schedule a consultation with the professionals of Rexroth Chiropractic Center. Dr. Tom Rexroth and Dr. Joel Rexroth look forward to helping the West Burlington, IA, community live as healthy of lives as possible. 

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